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Specialized in Civil, Criminal, Family and NRN Law


Law firm in Nepal

About Us

Lawneeti Associates is a Specialized Full Service leading Law Firm in Nepal offering Personalized Legal Service with Excellence, Ethics and Dedication to the Clients. Lawneeti has a team of expert lawyers, prudent litigators, and legal professionals who are able to render a wide range of services relating to civil representation, criminal defense, property, and family law advice. The firm is noted for its professional and responsive services towards its clients. We are a Leading Law Firm in Kathmandu and feature the Best Lawyers in Kathmandu. 

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Areas of Practice

Civil Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Property Law
Divorce Law
Marriage Law
Child Law
Corporate Law

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several Law Firms have operated in Nepal with a long History of Service. Amongst them, Imperial Law Associates and Lawneeti Associates are the Fastest Growing Law Firms of Nepal with combined 10+ Years of Experience.

Although the exact numbers of Lawyers in Nepal cannot be certified, more than 25000+ Licensed Advocates exist in Nepal out of which thousands have established their own Firms or Consultants.

Lawneeti Associates is the best Full-Service Law Firm in Nepal with exceptional legal services, passionate representatives, broad areas of Practice regularly achieving Legal Excellence through Client First Legal Philosophy.

Generally, the leading Law Firms in Nepal such as Lawneeti Associates have Broad Range of Practice Areas such as Corporate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, NRN Law, Marriage and Divorce Law and much more. Corporate Law Firm in Nepal also exist to cater the Corporate Sector. 

The Highest Salary of Lawyer in Nepal varies on the Law Firm the individual is affiliated with, the Amount of Cases they handle and their Practice Area.