Work Visa in Nepal: Process of Obtaining Work Permit

Work Visa for Nepal or Work Permit is granted by the Department of Immigration to foreign Nationals eligible to work in Nepal.

The Department of Immigration and the Department of Labor in Nepal are the primary governing regulatory Bodies of Nepal for providing Work visas in Nepal.

The Following Articles provide a detailed Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a Work Visa in Nepal including the Required Documents, the Procedure, and the Fees required.

Laws and Authority of Work Visa in Nepal


The following are the laws that govern Obtaining Work Visa in Nepal:

Labor Act 2017

Chapter 6 of the Labor Act has provisions related to Work Visas (Permits) in Nepal. It has restricted Foreigners from working in Nepal without obtaining Work Permit. Foreign Labor can be employed if Nepal lacks the skilled Labor required for the Employment.

Foreign Citizen Labor Permission Directive 2019

This Directive has prescribed the procedure before permitting foreign labor in Nepal. Further, it has provisioned for the Applicable fees based on the Duration of Stay, the Tenure of Labor, and the conditions under which Work Visa can be invalidated in Nepal.

Types of Work Visa (Permit)

Generally, three types of Work Visa have been allowed in Nepal:

Standard Work Visa (Permit)

Foreign Nationals have been permitted to work in Nepal if Nepal lacks the required Skilled Workers. The Employer must advertise, in a national newspaper, providing the specific details of the Job. If no one applies, they can apply for a Work Permit from the Department of Labor.

Work Permit for Foreign Investment or Foreign Aid Entity

Foreign Aid Entities or Foreign Investment Companies in Nepal have been permitted to hire up to three Foreign Nationals based on a Documentation Work Visa. Such Nationals aren’t required to prove the unavailability of Local skilled workers in Nepal.

The DOL reviews the Submitted Documents and warrants Work Permits.

Technical Casual Work

Technicians and Specialists can also obtain a Work Visa in Nepal with a Work Permit for not more than 3 Months for installing/repairing Technology or Machinery. They must submit the required documents mentioned below to the Department of Labor.

Process of Obtaining a Work Visa

The following is the complete Procedural Guide for Obtaining Work Visa in Nepal:

Publication of Vacancy by Employer in National Newspaper

The Employer in Nepal seeking a Foreign National to work in Nepal must publish a Vacancy for the required post in a National Daily Newspaper as prescribed in the directive. The Qualifications, the Functions, and other mandatory details must be stated in the Advertisement.

Application requesting Work Permit by Employer

Work Visa in Nepal Application

If within One Month, no Nepali Citizen applies for the Post, the Employer can file an Application at the Department of Labor requesting a Work Permit. The Format of the Application shall be as follows:

Granting of Work Permit

After a rigorous review and seeking a No Objection Letter from the Home Ministry of Nepal, the Department of Labor, if no issues persist, grants the Work Permit to the Foreign Nationals.

Go to

If the Work Permit has been secured, the Foreign National must apply for a Work Visa by accessing the Website mentioned above.

Submit the Application and Required Documents

After you have accessed the Website, submit all the prescribed documents in Digital Format including the Application. The Documents required to be submitted have been mentioned below.

Work Visa (Permit) by the Department of Immigration

Thereafter, the Department of Immigration issues a Working Visa in Nepal for up to 1 year as required by the Employer.

Documents Required

The Documents required for Obtaining Work Visa in Nepal are as follows:

  1. A recommendation letter from the relevant government agency.
  2. A work permit issued by the Department of Labor.
  3. A work agreement from the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  4. An appointment or contract letter.
  5. Tax clearance certificates from the hiring organization, institution, or agency.
  6. Tax clearance certificate from the applicant (for renewals if taxes have been paid individually).
  7. A general agreement with the Social Welfare Council for NGOs and INGOs.
  8. Photocopies of your passport and visa.

The online visa application form (for employment) can be accessed through the provided link.

Work Permit Process in Nepal

Fees and Period

The Official Visa Fee for obtaining a Work Visa in Nepal is prescribed at USD 75 a Month. Moreover, for Single Re-Entry, an additional 20 USD must be paid. For Multiple Reentry, an additional 60 USD must be paid.

The Foreign Citizen Labor Permission Directive 2019 has stated that for obtaining a Work Permit in Nepal for less than 6 Months, a One-time charge of NPR 15,000 has to be paid per Individual. However, for Individuals having a Work Permit longer than 6 Months, a charge of NPR 20,000 is to be paid.

The Tenure of Work Permit in Nepal shouldn’t exceed one year at a time and can be renewed time and again for not more than 5 years.

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