Property Law

National Civil Code 2074 is the primary Property Law in Nepal that prescribes the types of property, registration and transfer of property, and buying and selling of land. There are several law firms in Nepal that deal with Property Law and provide Property Law Services

Amongst them, Lawneeti Associates stands out for its passionate services, highly professional and experienced lawyers, and great success rate in Dispute Resolution and Litigation. 

Land Purchase and Sale

Land Purchase and Sale requires a legal contract between a seller and buyer to purchase Real Estate. It requires the drafting of several documents and contracts with several legal obstacles. 

Our Law Firm specializes in legal matters related to Land Purchase and Sale in Nepal including drafting related agreements, providing legal advice, and ensuring a lawful transaction.

Property Agreements

Property Agreement includes the drafting and negotiating of property-related contracts in Nepal. 

Our Law Firms handles the legal and para-legal elements of Property Agreements in Nepal assisting you in completely drafting all your documents, reviewing compliance with National Agreements, finalizing lease agreement, and purchase agreement, as well as contract enforcement.

Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence is a fundamental requisite before the transaction of any property, asset, or real estate. Due Diligence is a legal investigation to assess the legal and financial elements of a property before purchase or investment. 

Lawneeti Associates, a distinguished Full Service Law Firm in Nepal conducts appropriate due diligence including legal issues, history purchasers, etc. before you select the Property. We make you understand the past of the Property so that you mayn’t be scammed or frauded.

Rental, Lease, and Other Agreements

Our Law Firm drafts a complete set of Agreements and contracts for Property in Nepal from residential and commercial lease agreements to terms and conditions and tenant rights of a prescribed property. 

Our leader drafting experts in Nepal operate through a Client-Centric Approach to provide agreements as per clients’ demands.

Land Partition

Land Partition often extends to Co-Owned Property, Partition of Family Property, etc. by dividing owned property among co-owners. It also consists of disputes related to Property Boundaries. 

In cases of Land Partition, our Law Firm advises you from the beginning to the end of your legal endeavor including the type of Partition, boundary survey, partition negotiation, and ownership agreements.

Property Tax

Every Property owner must file their Property Taxation every year. However, individuals with a huge portfolio of property can complicate Property Taxation. 

Therefore, Lawneeti Associates provides a complete legal advisory on Property Taxation Filing, Appeals, Payment Options, etc.

Property Registration and Transfer

Property Registration and Transfer in Nepal is a complex legal process that can involve recording Property in the Land Revenue Office, conducting transfers according to the Government Authority, Drafting Deeds, etc.

Lawneeti Associates is composed of widely known Property Lawyers in Nepal who have handled high-level cases and clients for Property Registration and Transfer.

Property Law Boundary Dispute Resolution

Boundary Disputes occur between owners of neighboring lands in Nepal. It is initiated because of unclear Property Boundaries, Encroachments, and limited land use rights. 

Our Law Firm provides a complete legal service on Boundary Dispute Resolution including Dispute Resolution Mechanisms such as Mediation, Negotiation, assessing legal remedies, coordinating with the Municipal Judicial Committee, and ultimately Litigation.

Encroachment and Trespassing

Encroachment and Trespassing have been common Property Cases, especially in Urban cities of Nepal, resulting in financial loss, property destruction, and other damages to the Owner. 

Therefore, to avoid unauthorized use or occupation of another’s property, Our Law Firm represents owners who desire to file a case against Encroachment and Trespassing. 

We completely handle the related case from the initial lawsuit filing to the final enforcement of judgment.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a broad Service Category in Nepal related to the ownership, transaction, and use of Property for beneficial purposes. Real Estate Market is expanding in Nepal and so are the rules and regulations governing it.

Hence, every Real Estate Company and broker must have a legal advisor by their side to completely deal with arising legal issues. 

Our Law Firm expertly handles Real Estate legal complications in Nepal from dispute resolution, and drafting contracts to Litigation and compliance.


Lawneeti Associates has a broad range of experience in Construction Law in Nepal. It also has expert legal professionals who are leading Construction Lawyers in Nepal. 

Our Firm specializes in drafting and negotiating Construction Agreements such as Leases, Finance Investing, etc. 

We also structure and handle construction deals while dealing with the legal consequences of Litigation, Compliance, Licensing, Coordination, etc.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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