NRN Property Rights in Nepal

NRN or Non-Resident Nepali is an Individual of Nepalese Origin with a Foreign Citizenship. NRN Property Rights in Nepal has been secured. After the Citizenship Act and Regulation Amendment, NRN can acquire dual citizenship of Nepal with Social, Financial, and Economic Rights. However, to enjoy these Property Rights, an NRN Card is required.

Any non-resident Nepali or their family, if they intend to register their name as in the status of non-resident Nepali, must apply to get an NRN Card along with the required fees.

Suppose the application and other attached documents prove the appropriateness of registering the applicant’s name. In that case, the name shall be registered as a non-resident Nepali within Seven days of the receipt of the application.

After the registration of the name, the Identity Card (NRN Identity Card) can be issued. The NRN Identity Card remains valid for ten years for Foreign Citizens of Nepalese Origin and two years for Nepalese Citizens residing Abroad.

NRN Property Rights in Nepal

NRN Property Rights in Nepal are as follows:

Right to Investment

A non-resident Nepali who invests in Nepal shall provide information about the investment made by him/her. The ministry shall give the information on such investment to the Department of Industry.

A non-resident Nepali who brings capital investment to Nepal, the bank that transfers such capital investment in Nepal issues the certificate to the person.

Repatriation of Money

A non-resident Nepali who intends to repatriate the investment and the amount of his equivalent to the profit earned can submit an Application with the following Documents and Information:

(a) Copy of permission taken for investment pursuant to the Act,

(b) Decision of the board of directors of the concerned company or agency regarding the repatriation of investment,

(c) Copy of tax clearance certificate,

(d) Audited Balance sheet of the fiscal years previous to the fiscal year in which application for repatriation has been made,

(e) Copy of evidence for paid up of the liability or loan of any person or agency if such loan or liability has been made,

(f) The name, branch, and address of the bank that has to be used for repatriation,

(g) Letter of affidavit

Purchase Lands

NRN Citizens can purchase any Land with the following Limitations:

(a) Maximum 2 Ropani, in Kathmandu Valley,

(b) Maximum 8 Kattha in municipalities of the Terai district,

(c) Maximum 4 Ropani in other municipalities

(d) One Bigaha, in village development committees of the Terai district

(e) 10 Ropani, in other areas

If the NRN intends to purchase any other property, they must submit an application mentioning the location, area, and price that has been fixed to purchase the land. The secretary shall permit the purchase of the land. The concerned office responsible for the land’s registration pass (transfer deed) shall register the land in the name of the foreign citizen of Nepali origin.

NRN Card in Nepal

The Details to be mentioned for Obtaining an NRN Card in Nepal are:

1. Applicants,-

(a) Name, surname:

(b) Permanent Address in Nepal:

(c) Father/Mother’s name, surname and address:

(d) Age:

(e) Citizenship Certificate No., Issued District and Date:

(f) Nepalese Passport Number:

(g) Name, Place, and Date of Passport issuing office:

2. Residing foreign country –

(a) Name and address;

(b) The date starting to reside in that country:

 (If more than one country, mention continuously)

3. If residing aboard engaging in an occupation or business,-

(a) Details of the occupation or business (mention engaged

occupation or business aboard continuously):

(b) Present occupation or business registered country and place:

(c) Average Annual Transaction (US$):

4. If employed aboard,-

(a) Details of employment (continuously mention engaged

employment aboard):

(b) Existing (Present) employing Agency/organization:

(c) Address of Present employer:

(d) The duration of the starting date in the present organization and

tentative terminating date and duration:

(e) Monthly/ annual salary and other benefits:

5. If working in an international organization,-

(a) Name of the organization:

(b) Working country:

(c) Working place:

(d) Worked period and future working period:

(e) Salary received from the organization:

6. Knowledge, Experience, or Skill Acquired Aboard:

7. Intended Sector for Investment in Nepal and Estimated Investment:




Documents for NRN Card

1. Copy of Nepalese Citizenship Certificate

2. Copy of Nepalese Passport

3. If residing abroad and engaging in any business, the documents related to registering that business.

4. If residing abroad and engaging in an occupation or employment, the

documents verify it.

5. If working in any International Organization, the appointment letter of

the organization and the documents explaining the present work status

6. Two Copies of recently taken passport-size photos

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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