Date: 25 July 2023

Our firm is well versed in the legal anticaries of NRN laws, offering comprehensive and professional services to meet the specific needs of Nepalese citizens living overseas. With our expertise NRNs can navigate the legal landscape with confidence and make informed decisions concerning their ties to Nepal.

We assist NRNs in understanding the implications of their NRN status and the rules surrounding dual citizenship. Our team ensures that NRNs comprehend the rights and privileges that come with their status while adhering to relevant regulations. Our firm provides guidance on investment opportunities for NRNs in Nepal. Whether it’s investing in businesses or other sectors, our legal expertise ensures smooth transactions and compliance with applicable laws.

We also provide legal support to NRN organizations and associations, empowering them to create a positive impact within the NRN community and strengthen ties with Nepal. Our firm collaborates with Nepali diplomatic missions to provide consular services and support to NRNs abroad. We address issues related to documentation, notarization, and assistance during emergencies. Our commitment to NRN laws is rooted in our dedication to empowering NRNs with the knowledge and resources they need to maintain strong connections with their homeland.