NRN Citizenship in Nepal 2080: Step-By-Step Guide

Non-resident Nepalis, also known as NRNs, have been granted the privilege to apply for citizenship in Nepal as dual citizens. The New Amendment of the Citizenship Regulation has broadly defined the Rights of the Citizenship. Except for the Right to Vote, NRN Citizenship has amassed multiple Rights as that of Citizenship by Descent.

Furthermore, NRN Citizenship in Nepal has been guaranteed by the recent amendment to the Nepal Citizenship Act 2063. The Citizenship Certificate has conferred Social, Cultural, and Property Rights in Nepal. However, they must participate in an oath of Loyalty.

NRN Citizenship in Nepal
Format of NRN Citizenship in Nepal

Process of NRN Citizenship in Nepal

The Process begins with submitting an Application for NRN Citizenship to the Embassy of Nepal.

Within 15 days of the Submission of the Application, the Embassy must forward the Application to the District Administration Office of their respective District.

After the CDO verifies the identity through the above documents, the NRN is granted the Citizenship Certificate.

The Process of Acquiring NRN Citizenship in Nepal is as follows:

Step 1: Obtain a Recommendation from the Local Level

The First Step for Obtaining NRN Citizenship is to obtain a recommendation for getting such citizenship from the Local Level Authorities through an online application form shown below.

Step 2: Obtain a Recommendation from the Nepalese Embassy

Thereafter, the applicant must approach the Nepalese Embassy in their Respective Country of Residence to obtain another Recommendation for acquiring such Citizenship. Nepali Citizenship isn’t granted with full rights though.

Step 3: Submit an Application to the District Administration Office of your Origin

Once the Local Level and Nepalese Embassy Recommendations are secured, you must submit a Formal Application for NRN Citizenship to the District Administration Office in their district of Origin within Nepal.

Step 4: Submit all the Required Documents

In Short, a Non-Resident Nepali who has obtained an NRN Card can apply for Nepalese Citizenship. They are required to provide a copy of their Passport, a Recommendation from their respective Embassy, a Recommendation from the Local Level, and other relevant documents as required, along with their Foreign Citizenship.

Step 5: Verification of Documents

The Submitted Documents are verified in a systematic process by the Chief District Officer of the Respective District. After the Verification, a Swearing Ceremony is held for securing Loyalty.

Step 6: Obtain the Dual Citizenship Certificate

After a successful Verification by the Chief District Officer, the Non-Resident Nepali is granted the NRN Citizenship in Nepal. Further, the Citizenship also secures Rights of Nonresident Nepali nrn.

How can I get Nepali citizenship in NRN?

The Procedure for Obtaining Nepali Citizenship as an NRN are:
1. Local Level Recommendation
2. Embassy Recommendation
3. Application at District Administration Office
4. Submission of Required Documents
5. Verification of Documents
6. Issuance of NRN Certificate

Can NRN own property in Nepal?

Yes, Non-Resident Nepalis NRN can legally own Property in Nepal as guaranteed by Non-Resident Nepali Rules, 2066. You can own up to 2 Ropani of Land in the Kathmandu Valley and other Limitations are as provided.

How long can you stay in Nepal as a NRN?

The Nepal Government has allowed the Provision for extending the Visa of NRN for a period of one year from its landing to Nepal. However, in original form, it is up to 3 Months.

Does Nepal allow dual citizenship?

Yes, according to the latest update to Citizenship Regulation, it is possible in Nepal to get Dual Citizenship for individuals holding NRN Card. For NRN What are Citizenship are limited in nature with Socio-Economic Rights.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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