Marriage Registration of Foreigner in Nepal

A Foreign Citizen can register their Marriage in Nepal if the Marriage is conducted with a Nepalese Citizen. Marriage Registration of Foreigner in Nepal must complete several Legal Procedures in Compliance with the following steps.

If Nepalese Citizens conduct their Marriage Outside Nepal, they are allowed to register their Marriage at the respective Embassy of the Country or to the Consulate General. However, the condition is that the Foreigner must be desiring to conclude Marriage in Nepalese or Nepalese trying to conclude Marriage with a Foreigner.

Process of Marriage Registration of Foreigner in Nepal

Registering a Marriage with a Foreign National is complex and confusing. It requires the knowledge of the Marriage Laws of both Countries and Legal Experts such as Lawneeti Associates to guide you through the entire dilemma. Here is a Short Overview of the Process of Marriage Registration of Foreigner in Nepal:

Step 1: Contact a Legal Expert or Law Firm

We recommend that you consult with a legal expert or a Law Firm in Nepal to guide you through the process of Marriage Registration. They shall guide you through all the Legal Requirements for the Marriage and complete the necessary documentation.

Step 2: Understand the Marriage Laws of Both Countries

After a consultation with a Law Firm, looking into the Marriage Laws of Both Countries is highly recommended. Moreover, it is mandatory to have met the Eligibility Criteria for a successful marriage Registration. After the Confirmation, you must prepare the Following Documents.

Step 3: For Nepal, Prepare the Necessary Documents

The Documents required for the Marriage Registration of a Foreigner in Nepal are as follows:

1. An Application Form from the Respective Embassy

2. A No-Objection Letter from the respective Embassy or Consulate General

3. A copy of the Passport along with a Visa

4. 15 Days Proof of Residence

5. Notarized Copy of the Marriage Law of the Foreign Country

6. Passport Sized Photographs

7. Registration Fee and other Relevant Documents as required.

Step 4: File an Application at the Relevant District Court

After that, a Petition for Marriage Registration must be filed at the Relevant District Court; the petition hearing for such registration usually happens within a day or two. When the Proceedings continue, the Marriage is validated, and the Court can ascertain the Marriage between the Two Individuals.

Step 5: Final Verification By Judge

Further, the Completion of Application and Consent Form, the Judge in the next day, shall Verify the Documents and Conclude the Marriage.

Step 5: Issuance of Marriage Certificate

After reviewing your petition and documents, the district court will issue a marriage certificate if all requirements are met.

Step 6: Authentication of Marriage by Embassy

The Marriage, after its conclusion in the District Court, can be authenticated by the Respective Embassy of the Foreign Citizen.

Step 7: Registration at the Ward Office

Finally, the Marriage must be registered at the ward office in Nepal.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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