Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal

Is Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal necessary for Court Marriage?

Marriage Registration Lawyer in Nepal is not mandatory in Nepal; individuals may elect to handle the proceedings on their own. Nevertheless, it can be advantageous to retain legal counsel in order to guarantee a legally valid and seamless court marriage. Initial consultations with attorneys can be used to clarify the legal facets of court marriage.

A lawyer can provide assistance with the preparation and verification of necessary documents, including affidavits, identification documents, and marriage application forms. Attorneys are able to evaluate the parties’ eligibility for court marriage, ensuring that they satisfy the necessary legal requirements and are free to enter into matrimony in accordance with the applicable legislation. To ensure the authenticity and legal validity of the provided documents, some documents may need to be notarized. Lawyers can assist with this process.

How can I register my Court Marriage in Nepal?

The following is a detailed explanation of the marriage registration procedure in Nepal:

Step 1: Adhere to Eligibility Requirements

Ensure that both individuals involved satisfy the marriage eligibility requirements outlined in the National Civil Code. Achieving these criteria is a prerequisite for commencing the application process.

Step 2: Submission of Application

Commence the procedure by submitting the marriage registration application form. This form may be submitted immediately to the Marriage Registration Officer or to the Local Ward Office of your place of residence.

Step 3: Verification of Residence

It is a requirement that either the man or the woman have been residents of the Marriage Registration Office or the Local Ward Office for a minimum of 15 days. This verification of residence is an essential component of the procedure.

Step 4: Documents Required for Submission

A properly completed application form, citizenship certificates for the couple and witnesses, letters of recommendation, and passport-sized photographs are required documents for the letter of registration. It is imperative to possess the necessary quantity of copies for every document.

The relevant authority will decide on the marriage’s validity within one week after the application and all necessary documents have been submitted. A deed of declaration must be signed by three witnesses and the Marriage Registration Officer during the marriage ceremony.

Step 6: Certificate of Marriage Issuance

Seven days following the marriage’s sanction and the conclusion of all formalities, a Certificate of Marriage will be issued. This certificate, which is issued following a review by the judge, attests to the effective registration of the marriage.

What Documents Are Necessary to Register a Marriage in Nepal?

The following documents are necessary to register a court marriage in Nepal:

  1. Application of Marriage Registration:
    1. Original set
  2. Passport Size Photo:
    1. 4 pieces of each
  3. Photocopy of Citizenship:
    1. 1 set
  4. Letter from the Ward Office:
    1. Original set
    1. This letter should be from the Ward Office of both the female and male parties, stating that they are either unmarried or divorcees.
  5. For Foreigners:
    1. No objection Letter from the Concerned Embassy or Consulate in Nepal
  6. Temporary Residence Letter (if applicable):
    1. If the person is concluding the marriage from another district other than their permanent address, a minimum of 15 days’ temporary residence letter from the concerned local level ward office.

What are the requirements for registering a marriage in Nepal?

The following are the eligibility requirements for marriage registration in Nepal, as stipulated by the Muluki Civil Code of Nepal:

1. Age Requirement

Both parties must be of legal marriageable age, which is twenty years for females and twenty-two for males. When either party is between the ages of 18 and 20 or 20 and 22 (respectively), exceptions may be granted with parental consent.

2. Consent

The marriage must be voluntary, with both parties entering into the union voluntarily and without the use of any coercion or undue influence of any kind.

3. Mental and Physical Fitness

Prior to entering into marriage, both individuals must be in good mental and physical health. A mental impediment that impedes comprehension or consent has the potential to impact eligibility.

4. Monogamy

At the time of the proposed marriage, neither of the parties involved must be in a committed matrimonial union. There is no legal recognition of polygamous marriage.

5.Prohibited Relationships

Matrimonial unions are not permitted among close blood relatives. Marriage is prohibited in certain relationships, such as those involving siblings, parents and children, and certain degrees of affinity, as outlined in the Muluki Civil Code.

6. Registration Procedure

The couple is required to submit an application to the local government authority, accompanied by the necessary documents, in order to qualify for marriage registration.

7. Witnesses

The presence of two witnesses who can attest to the identities, ages, and consent of the individuals entering into matrimony is a prerequisite for the marriage registration process.

How Much Does the Registration of a Marriage Cost in Nepal?

Different fees are incurred throughout the court marriage registration procedure in Nepal. A one-time payment in the form of the application fee is required upon the submission of the marriage application to the court. The fixed amount for this fee is NPR 500. When individuals choose to have a lawyer represent them during the court marriage procedure, a legal fee is incurred. The exact legal fees may differ depending on the specific legal representative selected.

There are supplementary charges associated with utilizing the court’s services. The precise sum for the service fee is dependent on the assortment of services that the involved parties choose. The service fee is subject to variation contingent upon the specific services selected and their scope.

How Does Lawneeti provide Marriage Registration Service?

With regard to assisting individuals with marriage registration, Lawneeti Associates is a preeminent law firm. The presence of a qualified Law Firm or Lawyer can provide numerous benefits, even though it is not mandatory to hire a law firm or legal assistance for marriage registration.

Comprehensive guidance regarding the legal procedures entailed in court marriage registration can be obtained from Lawneeti Associates. The law firm employs skilled lawyers who are experts in Nepalese family law and marriage law. Throughout the marriage registration procedure, Lawneeti Associates is fully prepared to manage any obstacles or complications that may emerge. Individuals are encouraged to get in touch with Lawneeti Associates if they are looking for related services or need more information about them.

What additional information must be obtained prior to a court marriage?

A mandatory notice period of 21 days is imposed in Nepal prior to the registration of a marriage. It is required that both parties maintain a minimum of 15 days’ residence in the district where the marriage is to be registered. It is mandatory to obtain verification from the Ward Office for both the male and female parties. In the event that either party is a non-Nigerian, a letter of no objection from the appropriate Embassy or Consulate in Nepal is required. A minimum of two witnesses is mandatory for the marriage registration procedure. Possessing valid identification is required. Court marriages are regarded as legal proceedings that do not typically entail religious observances. Religious ceremonies may require couples to make distinct arrangements.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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