Divorce Law

Divorce Nepal is regulated by the National Civil Code 2074 and the procedure of Divorce is provisioned in the National Civil Procedure Code 2074. It is very difficult in Nepal to complete the whole divorce process without legal assistance and experts. 

Lawneeti Associates is a Full Service Law Firm in Nepal specializing in the Practice of Divorce Law of Nepal. Our holistic experience, diligent service delivery, and expert lawyers and drafters can ease your divorce process as a whole. Following are the Services we provide in Divorce Law in Nepal: 

Annulment of Marriages

In cases of specific legal grounds specified in the Sections of National Penal Code 2074, Marriages can be declared null and void and cease to have legal effect. 

Our Law Firm can represent its clients in cases of Void Marriage and defend the client against the charges of the plaintiff. We also provide effective legal advice for marriage annulment.

Divorce Law Procedure

Divorce is the legal termination of marriage after which assets and mutually earned properties are divided amongst each other. Divorce proceedings are usually taken up in court and are considered to be highly challenging without legal professionals. 

Lawneeti Associates manages all legal aspects of Divorce Proceedings in Nepal from filing to divorce to paperwork and representation in court.

Legal Separation

Legal Separation, an increasing marriage practice of Marriage and Divorce Law of Nepal means that married couples can live separately without actually ending the marriage. 

Our Expert Marriage Lawyers in Nepal can ensure efficient Legal Separation with seamless legal service from drafting to resolving disputes.

Child Custody

After Divorce and/or Separation of legally married couples with children, the custody of the child often ends up in Court as both parents can demand the custody of the child. 

Lawneeti Associates advances the negotiation of custody arrangements as well as Court Proceedings for Child Custody if required.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Alimony in Nepal means providing financial help or money from one spouse to another after a legal divorce or separation. Our Firm can handle the overall legal elements including the enforcement of Alimony Laws in Nepal.

Marriage Dissolution for NRNs (Non-Residential Nepalis)

Marriage Registration and Divorce are filled with complexities for Non-Residential Nepalis (NRNs). They need to follow specific legal procedures for ending marriages or registering marriages and generally require reliable and expedient legal advice. 

Lawneeti Associates handles the registration, filing, annulment, and separation of NRN Couples outside Nepal including court representation for Litigation as well as conciliation and Mediation.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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