Criminal Law

Criminal Law has been to a large extent provisioned in Nepal in National Penal Code 2074. Criminal Law Firms in Nepal have increased to a large proportion and each Firm offers highly competitive lawyers with expedient service. 

Lawneeti Associates is a premier Criminal Law Firm in Nepal that acts as a complete Legal Solution for all criminal cases with best criminal lawyer in Nepal. Our Firm represents its clients with passion and dedication inside and outside the court ensuring our activities are in their best interests. 

Following are the comprehensive services Lawneeti Associates provides through the Best Criminal Lawyers in Nepal: 

Criminal Defense

As Criminal Cases are generally State-Party, the plaintiff is represented by the Government itself. However, the defendant requires private defense lawyers or can opt for Free Legal Aid. Criminal Defense mainly includes the representation of Individuals who have been accused of committing crimes. 

Lawneeti Associates houses brilliant Criminal Defense Lawyers willing to diligently represent you and guarantee a successful defense. Our Lawyers draft all forms of documents necessary for the defense, plea, and bail hearing, sentencing mitigation, witness examination, and much more.

Bail Applications

A bail Application is a formal legal process in Nepal where the defendant seeks release from Custody before the Trial. A Hearing is conducted for Bail/Detention in Nepal. 

Our Law Firm can analyze the eligibility of the bail of the defendant, conduct the procedures of Bail Hearing, and advocate in favor to maximize bail possibility.

Legal Representation in Court

Criminal Law Cases in Nepal generally proceed to the court and therefore an Individual facing criminal charges requires an expert and experienced Legal Representative capable of providing a convincing defense in front of the Court. 

In this context, our Law Firm excels at National Level Legal Representation including Evidence Analysis and Presentation, Witness Examination and Cross-Examination, and submitting required documents. We also forward these cases for Trial in High and Supreme Court if required.

Theft and Robbery Lawyer

Theft and Robbery cases are regulated by the National Penal Code, the primary criminal law of Nepal. For cases related to Theft and Robbery, you require a diligent and conscious lawyer capable of providing a compelling defense. 

Our Firm is a complete Legal Solution for theft and robbery case.

Homicide and Murder Defense

Homicide and Murder are heinous crimes that can result in the most serious of criminal charges in Nepal. Therefore, an expert lawyer capable of representing its clients is a must in Homicide and Murder Defense. 

Our specialized advocates have successfully defended dozens of Homicide and Murder cases and mitigated severe sentences as well.

Assault and Battery Cases

Assault and Battery cases have been repeatedly common in Nepal. While handling Assault and Battery cases, the Lawyers defend the accused of committing Physical Harm or threat against others. 

Our Law Firm is diligently equipped with phenomenal lawyers for Assault and Battery Cases.

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act 2075 in Nepal. It aims to safeguard the rights of consumers while transacting goods and services. Some of the common complications that arise in Consumer Protection include Product Liability, Deceptive Advertising, Consumer Fraud, False Ingredients Lists, etc. 

In light of these issues, Lawneeti Associates represents its clients in Consumer Protection. We initiate Class Action Lawsuits in Nepal, resolve consumer protection issues through Negotiation, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Drug Offenses

Drug Offences have severe punishment and mandatory minimum sentences in Nepal. Our Law Firm houses World Class Lawyers to defend the accused in Drug Offenses while maintaining integrity and Honesty.

Cybercrime Criminal Law Firm

Cybercrime has been continuously rising in Nepal and it cannot be predicted whether cases can be registered against us for Cybercrime offenses. To successfully defend ourselves against such charges. 

Our Firm offers specialized Cybercrime Defense and related legal services with one of the most prominent Cyber lawyers in Nepal. We represent our clients in Computer Offenses, Hacking, Identity Theft, Cyber Fraud, Phishing etc.

Domestic Violence

Our Domestic Violence cases at Lawneeti involves representing our clients against Domestic Violence allegations while appropriately analyzing evidence, witness, and other Alternatives. 

We assess counseling, rehabilitation, child custody, etc. while providing the most optimal legal advice on related issues.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Cases have no statute of Limitation and they can be filed in the appropriate jurisdiction against anybody. To successfully defend yourselves against charges of trafficking others for Labor, Sexual Exploitation, etc. you need a team of expertly trained and reputed Lawyers. 

Lawneeti Associates is one of the best Criminal Law Firms in Nepal reputed for its holistic legal services and phenomenal advocates to defend the accused against Trafficking Charges.

Forgery and Fraud

Forgery and Fraud are other common types of Corporate Crimes or Public/Government Crimes where the clients are accused of creating or using counterfeit documents or engaging in fraudulent schemes. 

Our Law Firm can successfully represent its clients with convincing defense against Forgery and Fraud accusations.


Advocacy with Passion, Dedication, and Professionalism is what sets us apart from other Law Firms. 

We diligently advocate in favor of our clients with appropriate research, legal expertise, and convincing manner to successfully represent those clients.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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