Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a broad collection of Private and Public Laws that is concerned with Business, Taxation, Companies, Industries, and other commercial transactions in Nepal. There are several corporate law firms in Nepal with decades of practice and experience, however, only a few stand out. 

Lawneeti Associates is a full-service law firm in Nepal with extensive dominance and knowledge in the domain of Corporate Law. 

Our Law Firm has collaborated with some of the largest national and international companies in Nepal and stands out from the rest of the firms because of young and energetic lawyers, high success rate in Litigation, and global reputation. 

Company Registration

Company Registration is governed in Nepal by the Companies Act 2006 and requires several complex procedures such as Reservation of Company Name, document submission and review, etc. 

To ease Company Registration in Nepal, Lawneeti Associates provides complete legal services at an affordable price for registering a company in Nepal.

Corporate Compliance

Nepalese Corporate Laws are reputed to be strict and full of several compliance requirements. They must adhere to National Laws and Regulations and maintain their business according to Industry Standards through Policies, Regulations, Audits, etc. 

Our reliable experts conduct a complete compliance review of their clients and ensure that your company or business is legally sound.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions require tailored drafting of agreements, contracts, and relevant documents. It also requires appropriate due diligence and compliance with Industry Standard Rules and Regulations. 

Therefore, our Law Firm provides complete Advisory Services for Mergers and Acquisitions including structuring deals and companies, resolving M&A disputes, and providing expert legal advice on related matters.

Business Contracts and Agreements

Our Law Firm also has expert legal professionals with specialization in contract and agreement drafting. We have client-tailored drafting techniques and conduct preliminary negotiations before the drafting phase. 

We also properly include the Terms and Conditions of the Contract, manage space for interpretation, and properly state dispute resolution clauses.

Copyright Protection

Copyright is a unique and creative form of Intellectual Property broadly reserved for books, music, arts, and much more. Our Firm helps rising businesses to safeguard their Copyright as well as Trademark in Nepal. 

Our Firm can without any difficulty register copyrights and trademarks in Nepal, establish policies for fair use, conduct licensing agreements, and much more in favor of our clients.

Employment and Labor Law

Employment and Labor Law are important aspects of Corporate Law. It generally involves employment Contract Drafting, compliance with Minimum Wage and National Laws as well as solving workplace disputes, discrimination, and harassment. 

Lawneeti Associates houses expert Employment and Labor lawyers in Nepal to represent its clients with professionalism, passion, and dedication.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes can occur among business owners, shareholders, or partners over share price, services, agreements to transact shares and other issues. 

To solve these possible legal challenges, our Law Firm adopts alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as Arbitration and Mediation. If the dispute isn’t solved, our Firm represents its clients in litigation from filing to case to the decision of the case.

Business Licensing

Business Licensing is essential for Trade Expansion so that a company can operate legally within a specific jurisdiction. Business Licensing in countries like Nepal can be a difficult process in Nepal. 

Therefore, Our Law Firm provides expert business licensing services in Nepal from drafting license applications, complying with Laws, and renewing expired business licenses.

Commercial Real Estate

Lawneeti Associates provides a comprehensive set of legal services on Commercial real estate in Nepal from, buying, selling, and leasing to managing property. 

Our Services include drafting and structuring required deals and agreements, ensuring compliance with National regulations, conducting lawful transactions of Property, and much more.

Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

A Company is bankrupt when its liabilities surpass its liabilities and the failure to pay its debts. Moreover, our leading Corporate Law Firm provides holistic bankruptcy and insolvency legal services ranging from continuing the proceeding of Liquidation, and drafting of necessary agreements to litigation, supervision, negotiation, and enforcement.

International Business and Trade Law

Lawneeti Associates consists of talented lawyers with expertise in International Business and Trade Law. 

To swiftly comply with Customs Regulations and oblige with International Trade Agreements, our Firm acts as Legal Advisory for these companies with International Dispute Resolution, Trade Law Compliance, structuring of agreements, and appropriate tax returns.

Corporate Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Corporate Law is mostly concerned with Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution. It is generally preferable to resolve corporate disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms such as Arbitration, Mediation, and Negotiation. 

Our Firm also handles court cases by representing national and international businesses in Legal Disputes.


Foreign Direct Investment is one of the specialties of Corporate Lawyers at Lawneeti Associates as we act as Legal Advisor to foreigners investing in Nepal providing them with appropriate instructions on FDI Regulation, helping them obtain business visas, drafting contracts and agreements as prescribed by Nepali Law, etc.

Corporate Law Taxation

Lawneeti Associates is a distinguished Tax Law Firm in Nepal with an impressive arsenal of Tax Lawyers with a high success rate in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. 

We provide world-class Tax Related Legal Services on Tax Compliance, Tax Returns and Tax Filing.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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