Civil Law

Several Civil Law Firms Exist in Nepal that provide large arrays of Services on civil Law matters and cases through experienced Civil Lawyers. 

Amongst them, Lawneeti Associates is a leading full-service Law Firm that provides Top-Quality Legal services on Civil Law along with a team of diligent and experienced Civil Lawyers with decades of combined experience and a widely known practice. 

Contractual Disputes

Contract Disputes in Civil Law involve disagreements between two parties that earlier decided to enter into a legally binding agreement. 

In Nepal, the major types of contract disputes include Breach of Contract, failure to perform a contractual obligation, etc. It also includes Non-Payment, delay in Performance, contractual confusion, etc. 

Lawneeti Associates, a distinguished civil law firm in Nepal provides complete solutions for contractual disputes in Nepal using resolution methods such as Mediation, Arbitration, etc. Our Firm has one of the finest teams of Advocates that can represent its clients in the Courts of Nepal for contract disputes. 

We offer legal remedies such as Specific Performance, Financial Compensation in the form of damages, etc.

Tort Claims

Similarly, Tort Claims are another common Civil Law Issue that involves civil wrongs where one party’s action and/or negligence causes harm to another Individual. It is punishable by a fine and commonly includes Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Defamation cases.

Our Law Firm has a collection of successful experiences regarding Tort Claims in Nepal. We pursue negligence Tort, Intentional Tort, Defamation, etc. in favor of our clients and efficiently provide them the compensation they deserve such as Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Damages for Physical and Mental Pain, etc.

Property Disputes

Property Disputes in Nepal cover broad horizons and are one of the most repeated Civil Law Cases in Nepal. It involves conflict arising from ownership, boundaries, personal property, Property rights, etc. 

Our Law Firm provides its clients with one of the best Property Disputes Legal Services in Nepal from drafting documents and pursuing Litigation to ensuring Compensation and rightful Property and determination of Financial Settlements.

Employment Lawyers

Employment Law Cases occur between Employers and Employees regarding Wage, Termination, Discrimination, unlawful action, etc. Most Commonly, Employment Law Cases arise out of less than mandated wages, Absence of Legal Compliance, and mistreatment of Employees. 

Our Law Firm represents both employees and Employers seeking Legal Assistance for Employment Law in Nepal.

Real Estate Civil Law Firm

Lawneeti Associates is a full-service Civil Law Firm in Nepal with expert lawyers and outstanding legal services in Real Estate Law. Our services include Legal Advice on issues related to land, property transactions, agreements, etc. 

We draft all kinds of Real Estate Agreements in Nepal including Purchase and Sale Agreements, Lease Agreements, etc.

Partition of Property

Partition of Property is another common form of Civil Dispute that involves dividing inheritance or co-owned property among each other because of disagreement or family conflicts. 

In the Partition of Property, our Law Firm drafts all required agreements, encourages Dispute Resolution Mechanisms such as Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, etc., and represents its clients in courts for Inheritance and Partition issues.

Consumer Protection Law Firm

Consumer Protection is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act 2075 in Nepal. It aims to safeguard the rights of consumers while transacting goods and services. Some of the common complications that arise in Consumer Protection include Product Liability, Deceptive Advertising, Consumer Fraud, False Ingredients Lists, etc. 

In light of these issues, Lawneeti Associates represents its clients in Consumer Protection. We initiate Class Action Lawsuits in Nepal, resolve consumer protection issues through Negotiation, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Civil Law Disputes are solved by either Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms or Litigation. Our Law Firm is involved in both procedures. 

We represent our clients in Civil Trial Lawsuits from the filing of lawsuits to Trial and Appeal. We also propose settlement negotiations in favor of our clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR provides the most flexible and mainstream alternatives to Litigation such as Mediation and arbitration. It also resolves more efficient and cost-effective disputes. It ensures faster resolution, reduces cost, and provides better terms and a handy solution to our clients. 

Our firm also prioritizes ADR in almost all civil cases and opts for Litigation only when necessary.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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