Child Law

Act Relating to Children 2075 is the primary regulatory Child Law in Nepal that provisions for the best interest of the child, fundamental rights and securities of a child, and the benefits to be conferred to them. Only a few Law Firms in Nepal specialize and practice Child Law in Nepal because of the involved complexities. 

Lawneeti Associates is a Full-Service Child Law Firm in Nepal that provides world-class legal services in Nepal from juvenile delinquency and child custody to child support and adoption. 

Child Custody

One of the glaring issues of Child Law deals with determining the legal custody of children after the divorce or separation of Parents. Our Law Firm represents its clients in various child custody disputes and complete legal counsel related to Child Custody. 

For preferable Custody Agreements, Mediation and Negotiation are generally preferred in Nepal. After the decision has been made, then, we shall also assist in the enforcement of existing child custody orders.

Child Support

Child Support is generally related to divorce and Separation, generally after the fixture of Child Custody. To raise a child of divorced parents, our Firm can assist you in calculating the Child Support Financial Amount along with filing a petition for Child Support in Nepal. 

Finally, we assist our clients in enforcing Child Support decisions from the Court or Mediation.

Child Law Guardianship and Adoption

Guardianship and Adoption addresses legal matters where individuals establish legal guardianship over minors below the age of 18 or adopted children. 

Lawneeti Associates provides a comprehensive set of services for Adoption and Guardianship in Nepal. 

We draft petitions to be filed in Courts or District Authority for Adoption purposes. We also represent our clients in domestic and international adoptions.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse is a heinous child law matter that deals with cases of abuse or neglect of minors that can damage their overall well-being. 

Our Law Firm has expert legal professionals who can file petitions for protective and restraining orders against Child Abuse. We also whole-heartedly represent our clients in Child Abuse Cases.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Juvenile Delinquency refers to the representation and defense of minors accused of committing crimes. As Crimes committed by children below 14 years of old are mitigated, our Law can act as Defense for cases of Children committing crimes and juvenile delinquency. 

We also promote rehabilitation for Juvenile offenders and assist them in reintegrating into Society through advocacy and representation.

Child Abduction Cases

Child Abduction and Kidnapping has been a continuously increasing globally prevalent problem. In these cases, the Helpless Child is abducted from a specific place and either trafficked to foreign countries or negotiated for Financial Benefits to the Kidnapper. 

In other to deal with these complicated crimes, Our Leading Criminal Law Firm has globally recognized and awarded Advocates who can file FIRs, collaborate with authorities on legal matters, and attempt to safely return the Children.

Dispute Resolution

Repeated Disputes occur between parents and or guardians regarding child custody, its support, and all necessary arrangements. 

Our Law Firm provides expertly tailored services to resolve child law disputes through Mediation, Negotiation, and ultimately Court Litigation. 

We attempt to resolve disputes out of court and advocate in favor of the best interest of the Child.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, advertisement, personal communication or solicitation. Specific advice of professionals must be sought for each case.

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