Lawneeti Associates is a distinguished Full Service Civil and Criminal Law Firm in Nepal situated in Kathmandu pioneering Nepal’s Legal Landscape through Excellence, Ethics and Personalization. The Firm covers diverse areas of Practice and a wide range of expert and efficient legal services.

We have represented Non-resident Nepalese, accused individuals, technology and communication sector corporations, family and property matters, and corporations spanning various industries.

Our Mission, Values, Skills and Expertise

Lawneeti offers comprehensive range of Legal Services in Civil, Corporate and Criminal Law backed by experienced legal professionals. Lawneeti develops strong relationship with its clients and provides services to diverse range of clients.

We provide specialized Services in Family Law, Marriage Law, Cyber Law and Corporate Law. Our Mission is instituting legal services in Nepal accessible through integrity, honesty, ethical behavior, efficient drafting, passionate advocacy, and holistic legal services.

Areas of Practice and Legal Services

Best Lawyer in Nepal

Lawneeti Associates specializes in Civil and Criminal Law with comprehensive legal solutions for its clients including court representation. We are also experts in Family Law and its aspects such as Property, Inheritance, Divorce and Adoption. The Firm also covers Corporate Law with specialization in Business, Taxation, Companies and Commercial Transactions in Nepal.  Furthermore, we are amongst the few leaders in Child Law and Divorce Law in Nepal with sufficient representation for Alimony, Divorce and Maintenance Law along with Child Custody.

The Firm provides Cost Effective Company Registration, Professional Representation in Civil and Criminal Litigation, Corporate Compliance, Registration of Marriage, Precise Commercial Contract Drafting, Representation of Commercial Companies and Organizations in Nepalese Courts, Registration of Non-Profit Organizations, trademark Registration, Effective Legal Services for Adoption, and Due Diligence Services.

Client Testimonials and Ratings

Lawneeti has accomplished more than half a decade of providing excellent personalized Legal Services to its clients.