About Us-Lawneeti Associates

About Us Lawneeti Associates

Law Neeti is a distinguished Full Service Civil and Criminal Law Firm at the Forefront of Nepal’s legal Landscape. We are highly dedicated to Excellence, Ethical Principles, and Personalized Solutions, making us a reputed law firm.

Our Firm is built upon the Foundation of extraordinary Services, and innovative Client Counselling Techniques backed by Accomplished Legal Professionals with experience and Energy.

We pride ourselves on delivering Personalized Solutions according to the Case and Circumstances of our Clients. We hold an intimate knowledge about the Nepalese Legal System and its working Mechanisms.

Law Neeti covers diverse Practice Areas ensuring excellence that spans throughout the Legal Realm of Nepal. We are hailing to be experts in the Fields of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Property Law, Corporate Law, and much more.

At Law Neeti, we serve through the Understanding of your diverse Social and Legal Needs with rigor and Passion. What sets Law Neeti Apart is our dedication to developing relationships with our clients. We make navigating your Legal Dilemma easier, smoother, and more efficient.

Law Neeti is More Than a Law Firm: We are the Architects of Justice, Rule of Law and Social Change.